Lactate Threshold Testing

If you are interested in improving your cardiovascular fitness or an athlete in training it is critical to know how hard you can push yourself.

Why is Lactate Threshold testing so important?

Lactate values help determine the correct training intensity to increase power and endurance. It is more accurate and specific to an individual than heart rate alone. It is the corresponding lactate values that indicate what heart rate or power you should exercise at.

Heart rate formulas that use your age alone to calculate heart rate zones are not accurate. These formulas do not account for the varying levels of fitness that individuals of the same age may have. Heart rate formulas don’t include the gradual increase in Lactate Threshold (LT) over months or years of exercise.

Your muscles always produce lactate, even at rest. Lactate increases incrementally with exercise intensity and when you achieve certain intensity where lactate increases exponentially you are crossing the LT.

Above the LT fatigue onset is rapid, but efforts just below the LT can be sustained for hours by well-trained athletes.

To increase how long you can maintain your highest output in endurance events, you must increase your power at LT and strive to raise your LT to your highest genetic potential. More power at LT and shifting your LT to a higher percentage of your maximum output is the most important factor for increasing performance. Too much training at or above the LT results in overtraining, training too far below the LT will not improve LT performance. Therefore training just below Threshold is the most beneficial.

About the test

During your test, heart rate and exercise intensity is increased in fixed stages by increasing your bike effort by 25 watts every 3 minutes. Lactate results, from a tiny finger prick blood sample, are recorded at each stage. Our lactate threshold measurement machine will record your lactate levels and these will be correlated against the watts and heart rate and collated into a personalised report for you.

For your lactate test to be as accurate as possible you will need the following:

  • To be fasted for the 2-3 hours prior to the test, plain water only. If your test is in the morning you must ensure that you have eaten a very light breakfast 2-3 hours prior.
  • To be rested for 48 hours prior to your test (very light activity only)
  • No alcohol in the 24 hours prior to your test
  • To have completed an Cam’s Cycle Coaching Registration form (if you haven’t already) and bring it along with you
  • Your bike and your normal cycling attire for indoor riding
  • A functioning heart rate monitor
  • Water bottle with plain water only, no carbohydrate or electrolyte
  • We will provide a sweat towel and there are showers for your use afterwards, if required.


$180 for 12 month and 6 month members
$205 for non-members and casuals