Sheree Hughes

Cycling Coach

Sheree’s cycling journey from a beginner triathlete at 29 years of age in 2001 to being an elite cyclist has been a rewarding one. She has achieved many cycling goals, through hard work, commitment, determination, and a never say die attitude. These are the same attributes which she uses everyday in her working career as a Health Living Manager for the Heart Foundation.

Sheree enjoyed many State Level racing successes on the Road and Track from 2003-2007 with 2007 being a step up to National Series Racing. Sheree made her international debut in 2008 at the Tour of Wellington in New Zealand but shortly there after realised that training and racing at this level was not suiting her health or her lifestyle.

2010 to now has and is all about giving back to cycling as a Qualified Cycling Coach for Cam’s Cycle Coaching and a strong advocate for cycling as a form of transport and recreation with her work at the Heart Foundation. Sheree loves helping others enjoy healthy, safe cycling and is happy to assist anyone to achieve their cycling goals.