Phil Pearce

Cycling Coach

Several of the coaches at Cam’s have previously played Hockey before they became addicted to the sport of cycling. How do you make hockey even harder? You play it under water.

Phil played underwater hockey for many years and represented Queensland several times in this grueling sport. Phil would meet up with his team members, with his snorkels, fins, sticks and pucks to do battle below the surface of the water. Phil enjoyed not only the social aspect of this sport, but also the physical challenge: speed, maneuverability and the ability to be able to hold your breath while trying to hit a little puck underwater.

Over the last 6 years, Phil’s new passion has become cycling. You need passion (or the lost of all senses) to be able to get up at 4am in winter, for a quick River Loop before work with a few friends. When the temperature has dropped to 6 degrees and the sun won’t be up for another couple of hours, it’s the love of the sport and your friends that are waiting for you, that gets you out of bed.

Phil began first coaching in 2010, to share his passion and knowledge with others to improve their skills and enjoyment of cycling. The quote “ the hills are your friends” maybe used a little too much, especially for those first timers going up Mt Nebo, but with his encouragement, those on his ride are equipped with the confidence to face any Mountain, even if they don’t know it yet.

The best part of coaching for Phil, has been watching those new to the sport, improve and reach new goals that they never knew existed. Finding new crazy friends to meet for a quick River Loop before work, has also been a major bonus being a coach with Cam’s Cycle Coaching.

Professionally Phil works as an Account Manager with Intralox.