David Hodgson

Cycling Coach

Cycling coach David (Hodgo) Hodgson has been back on the bike since 2006. Hodgo grew up riding bikes as a favourite pass time, bmx, with Karawatha forest in his backyard it was a regular weekend event, tackling dirt beaten tracks that he found particularly fun after it rained. From early teens Hodgo used cycling as a way to commute to work, getting up early to ride a bike started with his first paid job, working for the local news agency selling newspapers at the railway station. With a milk crate on the back of the racer; papers, magazines and the days takings would all fit in neatly to cart back to the agent before heading off to school.

Commuting to work has been a common thread, at 16 Hodgo used to commute from 8 Mile Plains to Slacks Creek every Saturday and Sunday and during school holidays to get to the day job to earn a few dollars to pay for new bikes. Once hitting legal driving age, the bike was hung up and replaced with a set of keys, which lasted for 10 years. At age 27, it was the call of riding to work that saw him get back on the bike. After purchasing a bike from Kmart, which lasted a week, and with Lifecycle shop on the route, he purchased his first commuter from Blair. But this time it ended up turning into not just commuting but becoming a frequent rider of the Cyclelogical bunch rides and the Brisbane Bicycle Touring Association (BBTA) Saturday morning Wynnum Dash.

David has entered and ridden in a few of the Fondos known around the South East Qld region; the Brisbane to Gold Coast, Coot-Tha Challenge, Bernie Rippoll Brisbane to Ipswich, Byron Bay Rainbow Ride, The Noosa Century, Battle on the Border Gran Fondo and GCFOC Robbie’s Gran Fondo. A few of these have also included towing the chariot along with his son Cooper.

The social aspect of riding is what keeps Hodgo motivated to keep on riding along with it being a great way to maintain health and fitness. Since becoming a coach for Cam’s Cycle Coaching in 2012, he has enjoyed sharing his love of riding with others and enjoys seeing others embrace cycling, improve their health and fitness and achieving their personal goals.