Personalised Training Plans

Whether you’re training for health and fitness, a Grand Tour, Charity ride, Triathlon, Ironman or a nice leisurely tour somewhere, we are here for you.

The personalised program is the ‘full kit and caboodle’, the ‘whole shebang’, why it’s the ‘Ducks Nuts’!

The program includes either a 6 or 12 month membership along with:

  • A training program prescribed and managed by Head Coach, Cameron and delivered monthly online via Training Peaks – especially in line with your goals
  • Lactate testing
  • Pedal technique analysis
  • Routine bike service/s,
  • Discounted Cam’s cycling kit, and
  • Retail in store discounts


12 Month Program
Upfront – $2700 or Direct Debit – $235 per month

6 Months Program
Upfront – $1560 or Direct Debit – $265 per month



Cam’s also offers 3 month personal programs to 12 month members. The personal program is an additional cost on top of your existing membership and is ideal for people with a short term goal such as a race or specific event. 3 month programs include:

  • A training program prescribed and managed by Head Coach, Cameron and delivered monthly online via Training Peaks – especially in line with your goals
  • Lactate testing
  • Pedal technique analysis
  • 1 x routine bike service


3 Months Program
12 month members: Upfront – $480 or Direct Debit – $160 per month

Other members: Upfront – $570 or Direct Debit – $190 per month

Non Members: Upfront – $660 or Direct Debit – $220 per month
To enquire further please contact us on 3844 4607.
PLEASE NOTE. Personalised Training Programs are currently FULLY BOOKED. To register your name on the waitlist please email us direct at and we will contact you as soon as a spot opens up.



Rebecca East, Silver Medalist, Ironman 70.3 World Championships 2016.

I love CCC, I love Cam and Sheree. They make all of our goals achievable and anything is possible. It’s the best! So I set myself a goal of trying to make the 70.3 World Champs. It was a big goal, but why not. I train anyway, I love racing, why not get a plan and a big goal.

Getting a plan means you have to trust who gives you the plan and you also engage them in your goal. So Cam and CCC were it. I thought… he has credentials, he has had many proven successes, I love the community, I’m here anyway.I made the commitment and paid for the program and started. It was scary, now that I was paying a monthly fee, it made my goal real, I was telling people and I didn’t have an excuse. Week! Following a program is fabulous, it takes the guess work out of it all. Someone else had to know the theory behind what I was doing. Cam had my history, he had my numbers, (I had to do a Lactate test), and he shared my goal.

In April 2016 the program begun. I had Busselton 70.3 and Cairns 70.3 as races to try and qualify and then.. Mooloolaba World Champs. The first month was extremely hard, numbers and times I couldn’t get close to. Questions that I didn’t really have an answer to? The program was adjusted each month depending on how I was feeling and managing. The daily/weekly questions must have driven Cam mad but…. I was getting good at doing the work and understanding why I was doing it. The biggest thing was getting comfortable at being uncomfortable.
As most of you know I got very sick the week before Busselton and couldn’t race. DEVO…. I rang everyone I knew for advice (thanks Rocket Rod, you are a wise man). Well, that was the start of me growing as an Athlete. At first I blamed the program, then I blamed Cam, then I bagged myself. Then you understand why. Its all part of the journey, understanding your body, knowing what your body can do, listening to your body is so important. This only happens when you are writing things down, being accountable to a coach and on a program. When you do this, you understand your own body and what it is capable of. Knowing this gets you results.

We are all the same – we are impatient, more is better, harder is better, rest days are for whimps……. Getting a program throws all that out the window and you “TRAIN SMART. Thanks to Cam ,Sheree and Taylor – you kept it real for me and you made me go for it. What we achieved at World’s was friggin insane!!


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